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Digging In - Week 4

Digging In

Sermon Series Overview:
“The temple wasn’t just a building. It was where God said he would meet with his people. It was his reach of love into the lives of people as well as a way to proclaim the glory of God and extend the reach of God to the nations. So when the temple was destroyed and God’s people were taken away as exiles, something had to be done.  God orchestrated the release of his people from captivity so they could return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. They began the work as God commanded them to, but over time “life” happened, resistance arose, and the mission was set aside. Enter the prophet Haggai. He was sent by God to help the people refocus and make room for God’s mission in their generation. Haggai points ahead to Jesus – the ultimate temple – the ultimate meeting place between God and sinners.  In this series, we’ll see that today the mission of Christ is extended through us, the Church; we are his temple.  As we make room for others, Christ’s mission advances in our generation as well!”
TEXT: Haggai 2:10-19
FOCUS: Mission Purity
The following are some thoughts from member Trena Martinson on the sermon and the devotional.
Re-read the text and use the following DIGGING IN guide to reflect on the message from Sunday. Use this individually, as a couple, family or group.
  1. Read Haggai 2:10-19.
  2. What were the two questions that God had Haggai ask the priests (vv. 11-13)? What were their answers?
  3. The reason for these two questions that Haggai asked the priests becomes very clear when we read what Haggai says in verse 14. What is the connection between the two questions and what we learn about the people in verse 14?
  4. Church attendance and the work of our hands as we serve the Lord doesn’t make us holy and righteous...and they don’t entitle us to receiving blessings from God. We may believe this in our minds, but how do these theological errors sneak into our hearts and minds?
  5. In John 15:5 Jesus speaks seven powerful words...
    Why do we like and dislike these words? How do these words put Jesus and you and me in our proper place?
  6. The righteousness we receive is a gift. There is a beautiful exchange described in 2 Corinthians 5:21. Why would Jesus make that exchange? Why are you grateful about what Jesus did?
  7. When you examine your heart and the work of your hands, what do you see? What fuels you as you make room and serve the Lord? What motivates the work of your hands?
  8. How is God leading you to Make Room for him and his mission in your life and in our church?

Please continue to pray for...
  1. ...the mission of Christ to grow in our hearts so that we Make Room in our lives and make a difference in the lives of our “neighbors” who need Jesus.
  2. ...a gospel-motivated, mission-fueled generosity in each of us that funds the Make Room project in Battle Lake, Boudamasa, and Fergus Falls (creating space for our neighbors locally, regionally, and internationally).
  3. ...God’s protection of our church’s unity and mission commitment to advance the mission of Christ in our generation.
Interested in using this devotional for your small group? Download the PDF of this devotional below and print on 8.5x11 (front and back).
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