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Invite to an Important Business Meeting

Elder Board Chair Daryl Synstelien invites you to be part of a really important decision regarding Bethel's Make Room Initiative. Below is the written version of the video.
Hi Bethel family!

The question I am asked most frequently about the Make Room project is, "When will we start construction in Fergus Falls?" Well Bethel, It's time to answer that question. Let's have lunch and make that decision together. I have scheduled lunch and a business meeting on March 8th, at noon, for us to make that decision.

The Finance and Stewardship committee of the Elder Board has formed a recommendation for Criteria required to be met before starting construction. The Elder Board is in agreement with the criteria, and on March 8th, will be bringing that recommendation to you, the members of Bethel Church, for your approval.

Here is the gist of the recommendation. Construction will not start on the Fergus Falls project until:
  • 1st Criteria: The Capital Campaign reaches the goal of $7.7 million. (and) 
  • 2nd Criteria: we have cash on hand of $1,300,000 for the project.

Bethel Family, by approving Criteria for construction start before we know the outcome of the initial phase of our capital campaign, we ensure a thoughtful, prayerful, and rational decision-making process that is not strongly influenced in either an emotionally positive or emotionally negative manner by knowing the preliminary campaign results. We do hope to have an announcement on those results in a few weeks.

Bethel, once you have decided upon that criteria, we will know the targets which must be met before we can start construction.

So, let's meet for  lunch - on me...and make this critical decision for moving forward in our mission to make room, in order to make a difference in the lives of others.
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