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Why Easter?

What is the big deal about Easter anyway? Why all the fuss? Does it really matter?

Try this experiment. In one sentence explain what the Bible is all about. Now ask your kids. You may need to change the question to; “What is the main message of the bible?” or, “What is the purpose of the bible?”

We, by nature, defer to the law or our good deeds, as the way that saves. Our kids (and us) will be tempted to give a response like “It tells us how to live” or “It shows us how to be good people.”  The gospel message is foreign to our sinful nature. We want to make it about what we can do to please God.

The Apostle Paul says, in I Corinthians 15, that the Gospel message is this;
Christ dying for our sins and rising after three days.

This is the truth by which we are saved. So simple, yet life changing! Share this truth with your kids. Put it in your own words. Have them repeat it to you out loud. Jesus' life, death and resurrection is at the center of the Christian faith. The victorious Jesus invites us to trust in him as Savior.

Faith in Jesus.
The rest is details.
Pastor Rich Iverson
Associate Pastor, Faith@Home
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